Sequence bracelets

Sequence bracelets
Classroom activity
Age level:
10 years +
Topic area:
DNA sequence and complementary base pairs

A craft based activity suitable for classroom use or science festivals where students make a DNA sequence bracelet that carries the code of an organism such as a human, trout, chimpanzee or butterfly.

The activity reinforces the principle of complementary base pairs as they are given one strand of the sequence and they have to match up the other strand correctly. This activity links with the GCSE curriculum bit can also be used with a younger audience.

Running the activity:

To run this activity, each student will require:
  1. 44 coloured round beads (four different colours: red, yellow, green and blue)
  2. Two pieces of elastic approximately 30cm long
  3. An organism sequence card

Instructions, sequence cards and a materials list can be found in the Support Materials.

Approximate activity duration: 15-20 minutes

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