Origami DNA

Origami DNA
Classroom activity
Age level:
10 years +
Topic area:
DNA, DNA structure

A practical activity for the classroom that allows the students to create an origami model of DNA, demonstrating its double helix structure. The activity provides a hands-on way of learning about the structure of DNA and is suitable for students of all abilities.

Two templates are available as PDFs; a standard template with the base pairs already coloured or a blank template where the students have to colour the four bases A, C, T and G and mark them in the correct location on the template.

Running the activity:

To run this activity each student will require:
  1. one template and
  2. one instruction sheet.

If you choose to use the blank template, you will need to provide students with colouring-in pencils or pens to complete the base pairs.


Concept and content: Alex Bateman
Graphics: Preeti Deshpande

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