Contamination Detectives

Play detective and uncover how microbes spread around the surfaces you touch if you don’t wash your hands properly!

This activity shows how easily microbes can spread from person to person, from surface to surface, around a house or classroom. It highlights how important it is to practice good hygiene, to protect yourself and others from harmful, infection-causing bacteria and viruses

Using special UV powder or gel to represent microbes, you will see how microbes can be transferred to the things you touch and to those around you. Using a UV torch you can play detective to find areas that are contaminated and ensure that they are cleaned properly.

Surface contact is an important factor in the spread of disease. For example, when we are ill with a cold our hands can carry the infectious microbes from our coughs or sneezes. Then, if we touch something those microbes are transferred to it. Someone else can then come along and touch the same area picking up the microbes and causing them to become ill too. 

Age: 7 years + (KS2 +)

This page was last updated on 2016-12-15