Malaria Challenge: Managing Malaria

Take on the role of a programme manager for a community at high risk of malaria and, using the information provided, work out the best strategy for eliminating the disease from the area. 

In this activity you will look at areas affected by malaria in Cambodia, Uganda, Tanzania or Brazil. You will have to develop a strategy that will reduce or eliminate malaria from that region. To help, you will be given key facts about the area, details of which methods of treating or preventing malaria are available to you, and a list of some key things to consider before developing your strategy.  

This discussion-based activity is suitable for anyone wanting to know more about malaria and the social and economic challenges associated with the disease. It can be used to support the teaching of malaria in the classroom for able GCSE and A-level students alongside the other resources that accompany the multimedia resource Malaria Challenge (see related links below). 

Age: 16 years + (KS4/GCSE +)

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