Game instructions.

You vs. Machine

Can you match the coloured peaks to the correct DNA letters? When you see a green peak click on A, blue click C, black click G and red click T.

See how long you can keep up with the speed of the machine as it gets faster and faster! The game ends when you make 5 errors.

Game options.

You are number  !

Please enter your name for the high score list.

High Scores

# Name Score
#1 Placeholder Name 0
Message here.
: Rounds last a maximum of this much time. Getting too many strikes ends the round early.
Starting scroll speed at the beginning of the round.
Maximum scroll speed that can be reached at the end of the round.
Number of strikes allowed before the round is ended early.
Speed is decreased this much for every strike. Speed will not drop below the starting speed.
Score this many high scores on this device. Scores are only stored locally.
Message shows here.