Malaria Challenge

In Malaria Challenge you can explore the different stages of malaria and how scientists are trying to find new ways of preventing and treating this deadly tropical disease.

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Focussing primarily on the malaria parasitePlasmodium falciparum, Malaria Challenge takes you through the five key stages of the malaria life cycle. Malaria Challenge starts with the mosquito bite and moves to the parasite’s invasion of liver cells and then red blood cells. It finishes with the parasite being sucked up by the mosquito and its development inside the mosquito’s gut. You can explore the changes to the parasite at all five stages and the symptoms it causes, as well as the different methods for treating and preventing the disease.  Malaria Challenge contains 3D animations, microscopic images, films and interviews with experts in malaria research.

Malaria Challenge is suitable for anyone wanting to know more about this deadly tropical disease. It can also be used to support the teaching of malaria in the classroom. There are three discussion-based activities suitable for GCSE and A-level studies which can be used alongside Malaria Challenge

Age: 14 years + (KS4 +)

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