You vs. Machine

Are you faster than a machine? Compete against the computer to sequence DNA from a capillary sequencing machine.

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In You vs. Machine you get the chance to compete against a capillary DNA sequencer. Can you match the coloured peaks to the correct DNA bases as the sequence comes out of the machine? When you see a green peak touch button A, a blue peak button C, a black peak button G and a red peak button T. See how long you can keep up with the speed of the machine as it gets faster and faster.  Can you get on the high score table of who can sequence the most bases per minute?

During the Human Genome Project, scientists sequenced DNA using capillary sequencers. In this method of sequencing, the fragments of DNA are separated by size through a long capillary tube. Each DNA base is labelled with a different coloured dye - A is green, C is blue, G is yellow and T is red – which fluoresces when it passes by a laser. The colours are then detected by a camera and displayed on a computer as a graph of coloured peaks. 


Age: All

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