The Team

The Your Genome team is part of Engagement and Society at Wellcome Connecting Science, a recognised centre of excellence, delivering learning and training either in person or through online courses, conferences, and events.

We are passionate about making high-quality and trusted genomics education resources freely available and accessible for all. As well as producing Your Genome, we also offer a range of in-person and online opportunities for young people, educators and adult learners to learn about genomics and the wide-range of career opportunities it provides. To hear about our latest opportunities, you can visit our Wellcome Connecting Science website, follow us on X or Facebook, and sign up to our schools and learning newsletter or public events newsletter.

Led by Dr Anna Middleton, our work across the wider Engagement and Society team uses research and engagement approaches to investigate the impact of science, ethics, and genomic technologies on people, on both a local and a global scale. We listen, gather, and share insights on public attitudes and experiences; and we create equitable programmes, projects and resources that facilitate accessible engagement and dynamic learning. We use our insights and understanding to support a diverse range of intersecting communities, including young people, learners, educators, researchers, patients, and the public, to discover how genomic science is relevant to all our lives.

Emily Farthing

The best thing about my job is helping to make science accessible to everyone. My goal is to spark curiosity and encourage people to explore and learn more about our fascinating world.

Freelancer writer and editor

Francesca Gale

Genomics is a rapidly developing area of science, weaving its way into everyday life, often without us realising it. To some it can be fascinating and exciting, to others it can be intimidating, scary even. Everyone should have the opportunity to be able to engage with genomics, finding out what matters to them and the impact it could have on their lives. I really enjoy exploring the many different ways in which we can make that happen.

Head of Science Engagement and Enrichment

Em Haydon

I am passionate about inclusive access to education and learning, especially when it comes to science as intrinsically human as genomics. Genomics touches everyone and every living being, and so everyone deserves to be able to access genomics information, benefit from its development and be involved in conversations and decisions about the future of the field.

(Previous) Science Engagement Manager

Jack Monaghan

I am moved by the fundamental stories genomics tells us  – what might affect our lives as we grow older, what might we pass on to our children, how did life itself begin, and how are we connected to everyone and everything else on the planet. I really enjoy exploring these big stories with people. And through these stories I hope to shape together the great and growing power of genomic science so that everyone and everything benefits.  

Science Engagement Manager

Laura Olivares Boldú

I find it fascinating to understand how life works through this thread of letters that brings all of us living things together. And I am passionate about communicating this science visually with graphics and illustrations! I love taking a complex concept and transforming it into something visual that helps people engage with it.

Senior Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Sam Shingles

Trying to answer the question about why the world is the way it is, has always fascinated me. Genomics is starting to piece this puzzle together and opening our eyes to the complexity of the living world around us. To be able to share this with wider audiences is something that really drives me and I strive to provide accessible science to all, empowering communities to navigate science topics important to them.

Science Engagement Officer

Cindy Smidt

I am captivated by the natural world and awestruck at its ability to survive and thrive in such a variety of manners. By being able to look at genomics of all living things, we can discover new possibilities and adventures that may lie ahead. I am passionate about sharing my love of science with many different people and encouraging explorative minds. I strongly believe that a career in science should be accessible to all.

Science Engagement Officer