Malaria Challenge: The Big Debate

What is the best way to eradicate malaria? In this activity you will explore how the different stages of the malaria life cycle can be targeted by different treatments and prevention strategies. 

In this activity, you will become an expert in one of the key stages of the malaria life cycle and debate the best ways to eradicate the disease. You will use the multimedia resource Malaria Challenge to identify which methods can be used to target different stages of the parasite life cycle. Using this knowledge, you will then discuss the pros and cons of your intervention methods and debate how they may be used to eradicate malaria.

This discussion-based activity is suitable for anyone wanting to know more about malaria, and the methods used to treat and prevent the disease. It can be used to support the teaching of malaria in the classroom for able GCSE and A-level students alongside the other resources that accompany the multimedia resource Malaria Challenge (see related links below). 

Age: 14 years + (KS4 +)


This page was last updated on 2015-05-29