Genomics Lite: Drug targets to validation

Our guest speakers for this session were Salman Tamaddon-Jahromi and Xiangyu (Jack) Ge, an Advanced Research Assistant and a Statistical Geneticist respectively at Open Targets, exploring the drug development process.

In this Genomics Lite session, Salman and Jack talk about their work using human genetics and genomics data to identify drug targets and show how these are then validated in the lab. We also find out more about the Open Targets initiative.

About our speakers:

Salman Tamaddon-Jahromi, Advanced Research Assistant, Open Targets

Salman studied at Swansea University, graduating with a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology, with a focus on cancer.

He joined Open Targets in 2021. As an Advanced Research Assistant in the Validation Lab, Salman is working to generate experimental evidence towards identifying new routes to therapeutic intervention in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Xiangyu (Jack) Ge, Statistical Geneticist, Open Targets

Jack has a background is in mathematics (BSc) and computational biology (MPhil). His PhD project was focused on the functional genomics of Rheumatoid arthritis, exploring cell-type specific functions underlying existing GWAS associations.

As a statistical geneticist in the Open Targets Genetics team, Jack currently focuses on developing and integrating tissue enrichment analysis for all publicly available GWAS into the Genetics portal.

Find out more about the drug development process here.